Look – Lemons & Limes.

It has certainly been a long while since I last made a full face look blogpost here. And I have to say that I kinda missed it. From posting one or two looks a week to almost none was pretty drastic, but I do feel like I have found my passion for makeup back again. Or at least a little for now.

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My Two Favourite MAC Cosmetics Highlighters.

There are always certain products you keep on using in daily life because you love them so damn much. I have that same thing happening here with two of my MAC highlighters. And not just any ordinary highlighter, no, these are two of the Extra Dimension Skinfinishes in the colours Beaming Blush and Show Gold.

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Look – No Foundation.

Hi lovelies!

For today’s look I wanted to share one I wore a week ago or so. In daily life I never wear foundation or concealer, so I wanted to show you that you really don’t need it all the time! Being human means you have flaws in your skin and it’s okay to show you are not perfect :)

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