Look – Lemons & Limes.

It has certainly been a long while since I last made a full face look blogpost here. And I have to say that I kinda missed it. From posting one or two looks a week to almost none was pretty drastic, but I do feel like I have found my passion for makeup back again. Or at least a little for now.

On a daily basis I rarely ware any makeup. Not even mascara. I simply don’t have the time to do it anymore since my life has started to get even more busy. (Still working fulltime, recording and editing 2 videos a week, worrying about a family member with Alzheimers disease and visiting twice a week, going on with my own therapy and making sure my household is being kept up, let alone keeping my social life going too) But I do feel good when I do play with makeup so it is something I want to keep up with a little bit more these next couple of weeks. If that will mean that there will be more makeup looks online, idk yet, but maybe there will be a few :)

For this look I didn’t wear any foundation, just a little of concealer by Essence and Catrice and some Essence setting powder. I did use a gorgeous MAC highlighter and some Hema bronzer. For the lips I used a NYX liquid lipstick and for the brows a W7 browpencil. The eyemakeup is on a white milk jumbo pencil base by NYX. The shadows are from the Urban Decay Electric palette and the yellow tone from the Kat Von D pastel goth palette. Mascara is by Catrice <3

Oh and on the nails I am wearing some Pink Gellac gelpolishes (tutorial of this design made with my non dominant hand will be online this weekend!).

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4 thoughts on “Look – Lemons & Limes.”

  1. Wauw, ik word zo blij van deze make up, zo vrolijk. Net als jouw nagels! <3 Wel minder dat iemand in je familie Alzheimer heeft :-( Dat zijn geen leuke dingen.

    1. Dankjewel! Ja dat zijn zeker de minder leuke dingen in life, maar lieve comments zoals de jouwe maken mijn dag altijd beter :) ♡

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