💅Nailpolish Of The Week – Hema Glitter Blue.

I am so in love with this glittery blue shade from Hema, that I had to do a separate nailpolish of the week video about it :) Let me know what you think about this colour in the comments down below!

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😻Crazy Cat Lady Nail Design (& Meet My Cats!).

Ever since you heard one of my cats meowing for attention in an older haul video, you have asked me to show my cats. So what better way to introduce them through a cat inspired nail art video like a real nailpolish wearing crazy cat lady :3
Let me know down in the comments below if you are a true cat person or more of a dog lover :)

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Look – Lemons & Limes.

It has certainly been a long while since I last made a full face look blogpost here. And I have to say that I kinda missed it. From posting one or two looks a week to almost none was pretty drastic, but I do feel like I have found my passion for makeup back again. Or at least a little for now.

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Sailor Venus Inspired Nailart (Sailor Moon Nail Series).

Last week I shared my first sailor moon inspired nailart, and today it is time for the second one: sailor venus! This character really is my fave of this entire anime series and I really love how this one turned out <3

I used regular nailpolish only (apart from the little bit of gel topcoat on the round waterdecal) and a ton of stones/gems and some waterdecals from aliexpress.

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Bejeweled Neon & Gradient Nailart.

It is time for a new ultra neon and summery nailart! I really love my neons this time of year, especially when the sun is out and temperatures are rising. So I made this yellow, green and blue neon design with a bunch of rhinestones and other gems <3

I was inspired by the tshirt I was wearing while making it (you can see a little of it in the background of this photo. I mostly used china glaze nailpolishes, but also a hema topcoat, an opaque white catrice polish and an essence basecoat. All stones and gems are from aliexpress. The gradient is easily made with a piece of a kitchen sponge.

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