🐆Cute Leopard Print Nailart (Press On Nails)💅

When I got the new Lollypop collection in by Pink Gellac I really wanted to play around with them a bit. So I was like why not make some cute press on nails with a neon coral and grey leopard design :) Let me know what you think in the comments down below!

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Neon French Gelpolish Nailart On Natural Nails (With AB Crystals).

I really want to amp up my gelpolish skills, aswell as my non dominant hand nailart skills. That is why I made this grungy looking streaky neon french mani with gelpolishes by Pink Gellac. AB crystals are from aliexpress :)

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Bejeweled Neon & Gradient Nailart.

It is time for a new ultra neon and summery nailart! I really love my neons this time of year, especially when the sun is out and temperatures are rising. So I made this yellow, green and blue neon design with a bunch of rhinestones and other gems <3

I was inspired by the tshirt I was wearing while making it (you can see a little of it in the background of this photo. I mostly used china glaze nailpolishes, but also a hema topcoat, an opaque white catrice polish and an essence basecoat. All stones and gems are from aliexpress. The gradient is easily made with a piece of a kitchen sponge.

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