✨Nude Rose Gold Wedding Nails 💅

Time for a new nailpolish nailart design on my natural nails. I really wanted to use drugstore brands that are in stored right now, and add some cute gems, studs and pearls. This design is perfect for weddings or whenever you feel like wearing it ;)

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🌈Drag Marble Tie Dye Design (Madam Glam Gelpolish)💅

I’ve had this rainbow tie dye design in my mind for ages and when I received the gorgeous gelpolishes from Madam Glam I just couldn’t not make it haha :D I made the design on false nails so you can use them as press on nails (really cool for a party or night out if you don’t have long natural nails yourself), but you can always recreate this on your own nails too!

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👰Recreating My Wedding Nails (After Almost 5 Years)💅

Earlier today it was time for me to record a new nailart design, and I was instantly inspired to recreate my own wedding nails after I saw one of my wedding pictures. Let me know what you think of it and I am mostly curious about what your wedding nails looked like or what you would like to wear yourself if you get married :)

Also, any feedback on my coloured backdrop is welcome. I usually work on a white kitchen towel but it might be fun to switch it up with some colours from time to time!

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🐝Dripping Bumble Bee Honey Nails (Madam Glam Gelpolish)💅

Spring is in the air and so are the little bumble bees I’ve been seeing more and more of in my garden! I was super inspired to make a spring design with some dripping honey nails. You can make these as press on nails like I did, or recreate it on your own natural nails (or on acrylics, whatever your choice of nail is, is great!).

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🌸Soft Spring Watermarble Nailart💅

I am really back into doing watermarbles, so here’s a new design with 3 colours from the new essence shine last and go collection. It’s a soft spring watermarble which is super easy to do yourself and super quick too!

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