Soft Pink Butterfly Nailart.

At the moment I am in Belgium while writing this blogpost. Yesterday it was my husband’s 31st birthday and to celebrate we are on a small holiday in our beautiful neighbour country :)

But I didn’t want to skip uploading a new nailart design this weekend, so here it is. A super soft barbie pink design with butterflies, big diamond shaped gems and holographic glitters.

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Dark Blue & Gold Glitter Dragmarble Nailart.

I made this nail design last weekend but didn’t have the chance to upload it earlier. But here it is now :) It is a really easy to do dragmarble in darkblue, gold and a ton of glitters. I only used regular nailpolish and some basic techniques. Continue reading Dark Blue & Gold Glitter Dragmarble Nailart.

Look – Dusty Rose.

Last weekend I stumbled upon my pretty Too Faced Sweet Peach palette again and just sat down for a couple of minutes and made this soft dusty rose look. Normally I tend to go for super bright colours and looks with big harsh eyeliner. But for this one I wanted to keep  it soft and gentle with just eyeshadows, some brow pomade and mascara.

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Nude To Dusty Pink Gradient & Floral Nailfoil.

There were a lot of you lovely people asking me to make a more nude/neutral nailart. So this is what I came up with!

A nude (china glaze) to dusty rose pink (essence) gradient nail combined with a beautiful floral (and a tad holo) nailfoil (aliexpress).

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Look – Dark Summer.

To balance my super bright nailart designs out a bit, I deceided to make a somewhat darker makeup look this week. I know it has been ages since I last made a makeup look and I did miss it for quite a while. For some reason I didn’t feel like playing around with makeup for a couple of weeks but today I am back :)

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