💅🏻Nailpolish Of The Week – Essence 63 Genie In A Bottle.

In this new Nailpolish Of The Week video I live swatch and talk about a cute denim blue shine last & go nail polish called 63 Genie In A Bottle by Essence. This is a regular nail polish, not a gel that has to be cured! I also give some extra tips on how to fix a loose cap whenever that happens :)

I have prerecorded this a month or 1,5 ago, 2 weeks after I had shortened my nails after the pointer finger nail had a tear in it. My nails are ofcourse longer atm already, but since I know a lot of you also have shorter nails, I didn’t want to skip this one! Let me know what you think of this demin blue Essence colour in the comment section down below.

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Essence Fall/Winter 2020 Collection Update ✨

Fall is about to start and I just got some awesome PR packages in the mail with the new Essence and Catrice Fall/Winter 2020 Collection Update! In this first video I will be covering a selection of the new Essence items, unboxing and giving my first impressions :)

I totally forgot to add the prices of each and every single item shown in this video ^_^” so here they are instead:
Hello Good Stuff face serum € 4,59
Hello Good Stuff 3in1 face mist €2,99
Hello Good Stuff bronzer €3,59
Daily Dose Of Love eyeshadow palette €4,99
Tiny Tip liner €2,89
Tiny Tip precise brow pen €2,59
Brow pomade + brush €3,59
This Is Me lipstick €2,39
Juice Bomb lipgloss €0,99
Pure Volume lip balm €2,59
Pretty Natural Hydrating Foundation €4,99
Clean & Care base coat €1,99
Clean & Strong nail polish €1,99
Extreme GEL top coat €2,59

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✨Abstract Orchid Nail Art.

This design was made a month ago or so, but I still really love it so much! It’s super easy to DIY with any colour range or combination, and even with hand painted flowers if you don’t have any stamping plates in your collection. Abstract designs are always fun, so definitely give it a try :)

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💅🏻New Essence Nail Polishes (Shine Last & Go Collection).

Two weeks ago I went out to my local drugstore to pick up some random items, but also saw that there were some new Essence nail polishes from their main nail line called Shine Last & Go. So in this video I am live swatching all 8 new shades and share my recommendations :)

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Being all inspired because of one of my new back drops, I really wanted to do a new milk bath nail art design again, using regular nail polish only. I also did one last year with flowers and fruit stickers, but this time it’s all about bugs ;)

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