Oil Slick Blinged Out Nails💅

I just finished nother nailart design video, yay! :D
I made this about a week ago or so and totally love these oil slick rhinestones and studs. It’s a really easy design to do yourself too so do let me know if you are going to recreate this.
Oh and for some reason I was totally messing up my fingers lol, calling the pointerfinger the ringfinger and all.. ignore that please :’)

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🥛Milk Bath Nails (Regular Nailpolish, No Gel!)🌺

Ever since the milk bath nail trend started a few weeks ago, the internet started blowing up with designs made on acrylic nails with gels etc. but I haven’t seen any milk bath designs being made on natural nails with regular nailpolishes yet. So I was like, let’s do this! :D

I hope you like the outcome of my first try as much as I like it myself :3

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My Nailpolish Collection (June 2019)💅

This might be one of the most requested videos on my channel! I loved recording it earlier this month and hope you are a big nailpolish enthusiast like I am :)
Grab some tea or coffee and cookies, because it is a long one!

I bought about 90% of my collection myself throughout the last 15 years and really love affordable brands such as Essence and Catrice. Let me know what your favourite brands are in the comments down below, as well as how big your nailpolish collection is :3

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🐆Cute Leopard Print Nailart (Press On Nails)💅

When I got the new Lollypop collection in by Pink Gellac I really wanted to play around with them a bit. So I was like why not make some cute press on nails with a neon coral and grey leopard design :) Let me know what you think in the comments down below!

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Born Pretty Stamping Plates💅

I got some nice nail mail from Born Pretty Store with a couple of image plates to stamp with. I prerecorded this video somewhere last week already and did wear the swan and jelly fish designs for a full week :3 I you have any requests on what images to use for future design videos do let me know in the comments down below!

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