Pink Gellac Island Wave Collection 🌊

Pink Gellac recently came out with another beautiful 5 piece gel polish collection called Island Wave. It has 5 super pigmented creamy colours and one stunning glittery one. In this video I unbox and swatch all colours and share my thoughts on them :)

Let me know what you think of these 5 new shades and if you have any questions, leave a comment down below :)

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🦋Butterflies & Marble Nail Art (Pink Gellac Gel Polish Overlay).

A couple of weeks ago I made this cute gel polish overlay set on my pretty short natural nails with Pink Gellac gel polishes and some cute butterfly stickers. I really loved creating this but was a bit shaky due to coffee XD
Let me know if this is a design you’d love to wear too in the comment section down below!

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Madam Glam Collection 💅🏻 (July 2020).

I’ve been asked to share some collection or stash videos, but since not that much has changed since my gel polish and nail polish collection videos from last year, I felt like it was fun to do it brand wise (or at least for the gel polishes).

This video is a super chill video, perfect to relax to, paint your nails and just take bit of me time :) I hope you enjoy!

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Madam Glam 6th Birthday Manicure (Press On Nails).

Madam Glam challenged me to do a cute 6th year anniversary/happy birthday manicure while using their newest gel polish collection. But since my own natural nails are quite short at the moment and I did want a bit more surface to work on, I decided to make a cute press on nail set :)

The 40% discount code (femketjeHB) is valid from July 14th throughout July 16th!

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✨Madam Glam 6th Lust Collection.

I recently got this gorgeous collection in by Madam Glam to try out and make designs with! It is called the 6th Lust collection and is in honor of their 6 year anniversary :) It contains of 10 luscious colours which are super sparkly and just stunning to wear all year round. Let me know what you think of this collection, which one is your fave and if you are going to grab some yourself!

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