My Gel Polish Collection 💅

I already shared my nail polish, stamping plates and my nail art collections, so it was about time that I’d share my gel polishes too :) I don’t own that many yet (it’s nothing compared to my nail polishes), since I have only started out with gel for a little over a year now. In this video I didn’t show you my two LED lamps and efile that I usually use, that is just because those were downstairs in my work area and I simply forgot to record those :3

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My Stamping Plate Collection💅

Going through all of my image plates really makes me want to do more stamped designs. If there are any plates you’d like me to use in an upcoming design, let me know in the comments down below. Most of my plates are self bought and I have been collecting them for about 15 years now :)

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My Nailpolish Collection (June 2019)💅

This might be one of the most requested videos on my channel! I loved recording it earlier this month and hope you are a big nailpolish enthusiast like I am :)
Grab some tea or coffee and cookies, because it is a long one!

I bought about 90% of my collection myself throughout the last 15 years and really love affordable brands such as Essence and Catrice. Let me know what your favourite brands are in the comments down below, as well as how big your nailpolish collection is :3

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