PJR Care Nail Polish (Swatches & Review!)

Hi lovelies! In today’s video I am sharing my swatches and review of some new and mostly stunning PJR Care Nail Polish colours. The brand kindly sent me some new colours to try out and I can’t wait to do a design with some of these bottles too :)
I mentioned that the price of these bottles was about €15,95 but I wanted to say €15 or €14,95 (they are actually €14,95 but fused the two numbers together while talking haha!).
Let me know in the comments down below if you’d like me to do some full on swatches in new Nailpolish Of The Week videos!

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PJR Care Nail Polish.

Hi my lovelies! In today’s video I am talking about a new natural, vegan, halal, cruelty free and 10/14 free nail polish brand that reached out to me to try out there products. And let me tell you, I am not disappointed :D

PJR Care Nail Polish is actually Dutch just like me and they sent me 8 gorgeous coloured polishes aswell as a non acetone remover and other nail care items :)
You can find the polishes and more beautiful shades or other PJR Care products here: https://link.femketje.nl/?link=18e75067
Also, don’t forget to use my 25% discount code (femketje25) if you’re ordering some of their stunning polishes yourself!

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