Look – Lemons & Limes.

It has certainly been a long while since I last made a full face look blogpost here. And I have to say that I kinda missed it. From posting one or two looks a week to almost none was pretty drastic, but I do feel like I have found my passion for makeup back again. Or at least a little for now.

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Chatty Get Ready With Me!

Recorded this random chatty makeup look last weekend when I was home alone :) I didn’t really have a plan what to do for eyemakeup but this is how it turned out eventually! I hope you enjoy and if you want more videos like this please let me know in the comments down below. (And thanks for subscribing!)

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Disney Inspired Looks – Aladdin (Part One).

Last weekend it was time for me to make a new Disney Inspired look again! This time I really wanted to do something with the Aladdin story so this is my first part of the Aladdin Disney movie :) I liked this look so much I simply dedicated a whole post and 3 photos of it!

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