Look – Boy, Bye!

Because Valentine’s Day isn’t something fun for everyone, I wanted to make a cute look to make it just a bit more fun ;)

I played around with some favourite items such as the Chocolate Vice palette, a triple baked blusher in a bright pink colour which will be reviewed later on this week, Essence liquid liner, powder and liquid lippie, a new Catrice mascara and some NYX brow pomade and glitter primer. For foundation I used some of my pokemon Jigglypuff Cathy Doll stuff and just a bit of Catrice concealer. Oh and the tiny little hearts I got from aliexpress and the fine holo glitter is by Catrice aswell!

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Look – Early Valentine ❤

Hi my lovelies!

It has been such a long time since I last made a makeup look blogpost like this. Unfortunately my skin has been a real bitch again because I quit birthcontrol pills back in november 2017. I am actually going to see my doctor about that today because I really am sick of being an adult and having to deal with acne for all these years. I will keep you posted on my skin updates when I am getting that treated again! ❤

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