Look – Modern Mermaid.

It has been a long time since I last made a new look or made a new makeup post here on the blog. I have been working on a lot of videos and nailart designs, and I have to admit that I prefer making art like that instead of makeup looks. But I did like the outcome of this look. And eventhough it is the last look I made in a couple of weeks, I don’t feel the need to make a ton of looks anymore :) I would rather make new makeup posts and looks when I feel like making them, instead of posting just to post and not being happy with it.

On a totally other note I wanted to share this today:
Here in The Netherlands we live in a free country and we should celebrate that in our own way. Commemorate all war victims today, no matter what age and no matter where you come from. We are one.

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$10.- Dupe Of The ABH Modern Renaissance Palette (I Heart Makeup Chocolate Elixir).

Most of you have seen my way too big haul of I heart makeup items and I heart revolution goodies a couple of days ago. I saw that the Chocolate Elixir palette looked a lot like my Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance palette, so a comparison video was just waiting to be done!

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Look – Dark Winter.

For some reason I didn’t really make christmas looks this year. But since I still really do love making looks next to my nailart designs, I decided to make my own dark wintery look with some of my fave products. Not really glittery as most of you would’ve expected me to do, but just smoldery and smokey with some reds and a lot of black liner!

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ABH Modern Renaissance Tutorial.

Because I really want to make and upload more of my beauty looks: Here it is, my first real eyemakeup tutorial. Later on next week there will be a bigger post of this look with all the shots I made of it. Then I will talk about all the products I used and stuff :3

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