Stamped Lace Gelpolish Design (Short Nails).

About a month ago I shortened the nails on my right hand quite a bit and I felt like doing something sweet, delicate and girly but with a touch of fall (hence the nude brown shade). I added some pearls, rhinestones and some pretty white roses, aswell as a stamped on lace design.

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Look – Pearls.

Last weekend I was in the mood to make a somewhat simple but less wearable look. That sounds like a challenge, right? But I saw my little board of stick on pearls laying around in my art and crafts supplies and after I applied a bit of my fave Essence concealer and powder, I just stuck on some pearls randomly.

And TBH, I really like the outcome!

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Pearls & Roses Valentine’s Day Nailart.

My 2nd Vday nailart of the year is finally online. I am planning on doing a 3rd and even a 4th one if I have time enough :)

This one is made with a few new Catrice polishes, some pretty pearls and waterdecals.

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Nails – Pastel Nude For Spring.

I always prefer soft pastel like colours on my nails for spring. It just gives this fresh and reborn feeling for some reason ;) For today’s nail post I wanted to make a pastel yellow/nude base and drown my nails into big gems, some pearls and rhinestones. I actually nuked the rhinestones while adding them to a wet gel polish topcoat, to make them stay put even longer.

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Nails – Kawaii!

I love cute nails! I really love them when there are way too much glitters, pearls and rhinestones attached…

I simply painted my nails in a cute pink OPI colour (from the hello kitty collection) and glued on a lot of stones with nail glue. I do have to say that you have to be careful when applying these with nail glue on natural nails and especially around the skin and cuticle! And don’t add a regular topcoat on top of the stones, they get really dulled by it and all the pretty sparkly shine will be ruined. Tip of the day ;)

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