Nails – Kawaii!

I love cute nails! I really love them when there are way too much glitters, pearls and rhinestones attached…

I simply painted my nails in a cute pink OPI colour (from the hello kitty collection) and glued on a lot of stones with nail glue. I do have to say that you have to be careful when applying these with nail glue on natural nails and especially around the skin and cuticle! And don’t add a regular topcoat on top of the stones, they get really dulled by it and all the pretty sparkly shine will be ruined. Tip of the day ;)

x femketje

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6 thoughts on “Nails – Kawaii!”

  1. Ah dit is echt zo vet. Ik zou het zelf niet zo snel doen, maar dat komt voornamelijk omdat ik letterlijk nooit nagellak op heb, want zelfs daar ben ik al te lui voor haha.

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