Sparkly Pink & Deep Purple Winter Deer Nailart (Waterdecals, Glittergradient & Rhinestones).

Hi lovelies <3

Last weekend I finally had the time to edit my new nailart video so here it is! I get lots of questions asking me if I would like to make a waterdecal design since sometimes it can get a little tricky using those :)

I hope you like it because I loved wearing this for a week on my nails!

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Nails – Dripping Pink Holo Glitter Blood – Halloween.

Just before we went on our 3 week holiday in Thailand I wanted to make sure I had made another Halloween nail art design. I did a blood splatter nail design a long time ago and since I was testing out some Essence cosmetics holo polishes I made it drip on top of some gorgeous opaque black OPI polish.

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Nails – Blue & Lilac Holo.

Recently I bought all 5 of the new Essence cosmetics holo rainbow polishes. AND I LOVE THEM! Since I already rocked the blue polish for almost a full week, some pieces chipped off and I filled them in with the lilac holo polish. It really gives a fun and random design and it kind of reminds me of earth as seen from space :)

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