✨Born Pretty Holographic Magnetic Cat Eye Nailpolish.

It did take a little while for me to edit this swatch video but I finally did! It’s about 8 beautiful holographic magnetic cat eye nailpolish which I got from Aliexpress’ Born Pretty Store. The only thing I did notice afterwards is that the cat eye effect spreads out quite a bit while the nailpolish is drying. To prevent that from happening I’d suggest leaving the magnet on there while the polishes dry. It does take some time and effort to do so, but it does give the most sleek effect :)

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❄️ Winter Nailart Week #3 – Oh Holo Starry Night! ❄️

This year I wanted to do something special during the holiday season so I came up with Winter Nailart Week. In this week I will be uploading 7 days in a row, sharing wintery and xmas proof nailart designs with regular nailpolish and gelpolish.

This 3rd design is a simple white, grey and holo one with regular nailpolish and cute stars!

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Soft Pink Butterfly Nailart.

At the moment I am in Belgium while writing this blogpost. Yesterday it was my husband’s 31st birthday and to celebrate we are on a small holiday in our beautiful neighbour country :)

But I didn’t want to skip uploading a new nailart design this weekend, so here it is. A super soft barbie pink design with butterflies, big diamond shaped gems and holographic glitters.

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Neon Camouflage Print & Negative Space Nailart.

I have asked you guys on my instagram what colours I should use for my next tutorial, aswell as the finish and if I should add glitters. And you kept it pretty exciting untill the last couple of minutes because it was a neck on neck race between all three questions!

But eventually the colour option pink, purple and orange won with just 2% more than the blue, green and yellow colour combination. It also had to be glossy and you wanted me to add glitters instead of nail foil. So here is the design I came up with, a bright AF neon camo print design and negative space nails with some holo striping tape and glitter :)

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King’s Day Neon Orange Shattered Glass Nailart.

I know it is still a couple of weeks untill the 27th of april, but I wanted to make at least one King’s Day nailart tutorial this year (before I forget and it’s too late).

For this nailart I used a few pieces of “unicorn skin”, a.k.a. duochrome foil which I cut up into tiny pieces and stuck down onto the nail with topcoat. I added a little bit of catrice glitter polishes too and the bright neon orange is China Glaze’s Flip Flop Fantasy on top of a white opaque polish.

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