Essence HOLO BOMB effect nail polish 💅

Hi there beautiful people! Essence came out with a new linear holographic collection which is super affordable, vegan, cruelty free and safe to use :)

In today’s video I am swatching and talking through each polish, sharing my thoughts and findings.

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💅🏻Nailpolish Of The Week – Holo Taco Hydropower.

Hi there beautiful people! In today’s video I’m sharing my swatch and talk through of the pretty blue linear holo polish Hydropower by Holo Taco. This one was requested by a few of my viewers, so a big thank you for that! :)

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Holo Taco Electric Holos Collection⚡

Hi lovelies! Today’s video is all about the new Electric Holos collection by Holo Taco. This 5 piece collection contains linear holographic nail polishes only in some really cool shades. I’m swatching and talking about my thoughts during this video, so definitely let me know what you think of them in the comments down below. This is not a sponsored video or anything, I’ve bought this with my own money ;)

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🌈Holo Taco Rainbow Collection.

When Holo Taco came out with their new collection I was waiting for it to release and ready to order asap, I knew this one was going to be sold out ASAP! In this video I quickly unbox and swatch all 7 colours from the Holo Taco Rainbow collection. 7 gorgeous linear holographic polishes in rainbow colours, perfect for all occasions and any time of year :)
IMO, this rainbow collection is the best Holo Taco has come out with so far!

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