Holo Taco BONUS TRACK (My Own HT Nail Polish Mix!).

Hi there beautiful people! Eventhough I recorded this video over a month ago, I still wanted to share it! I really love the colours I used and the end result colour it created. Have you ever mixed polishes together to create something new? Let me know in the comments down below.

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🐱Holo Taco Cat Polishes.

It has been a hot minute since I got these polishes in the mail, but since today is world animal day, I thought it was the perfect moment to swatch these in a new video :3

Who else is a crazy cat person?

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🦋Holo Butterfly Nails (Short Nail Design Made With Born Pretty Store Supplies).

What’s a better combination on nails than holo and butterflies :D In this new video I am sharing how to do a super easy holographic butterfly design on short natural nails, using born pretty store items only. It really is super easy to DIY because any polishes or butterfly stickers will do.

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🌈Holo Taco Rainbow Collection.

When Holo Taco came out with their new collection I was waiting for it to release and ready to order asap, I knew this one was going to be sold out ASAP! In this video I quickly unbox and swatch all 7 colours from the Holo Taco Rainbow collection. 7 gorgeous linear holographic polishes in rainbow colours, perfect for all occasions and any time of year :)
IMO, this rainbow collection is the best Holo Taco has come out with so far!

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🌧️Holo Rain Clouds Nail Art.

I am just crazy about the 16 piece holographic nail polish collection that Born Pretty Store sent me about 2 months ago or so, it’s just so much fun to use and very versatile too! I decided to make a cute blue holo rain cloud design with those holo polishes aswell as a stamping plate and white stamping polish. It’s so easy to DIY and cute to recreate in other colours too. Don’t forget to use my 20% discount code (FEM20) when you’re ordering some new nail goodies yourself at Born Pretty Store :)

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