Look – Skeleton Babe – Halloween.

Halloween season is getting closer and I LOVE IT :D

For today I wanted to share my first ever half body skull I made without practicing it on forehand. To make this look you could easily use regular makeup but a black and white facepaint work way faster. For the skeleton side I only used Eulenspiegel facepaints and a black liquid liner with some mascara from Essence cosmetics to top it off. For the “babe” side I wanted to create a wearable but smoking hot marilyn monroe-ish look with dark red lips (Catrice), fluttery false lashes (aliexpress) and a killer liquid liner (Essence). For the rest of the face I used an Essence concealer and setting powder, some HEMA bronzer and MAC highlighter.

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MAC Extra Dimension Skin Finish – Beaming Blush.

I am an official highlighter junkie… When I was in New York back in february, my husband actually bought me a few MAC highlighters. One of them was the Show Gold highlighter from the extra dimension skin finish limited edition highlighters. I actually really wanted to get the Beaming Blush one, because, you know… It is STUNNING AF! So a month or 2 ago I actually ran into that one online at a Dutch beauty webshop :)

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