MAC Extra Dimension Skin Finish – Beaming Blush.

I am an official highlighter junkie… When I was in New York back in february, my husband actually bought me a few MAC highlighters. One of them was the Show Gold highlighter from the extra dimension skin finish limited edition highlighters. I actually really wanted to get the Beaming Blush one, because, you know… It is STUNNING AF! So a month or 2 ago I actually ran into that one online at a Dutch beauty webshop :)

The highlighter gives the most pretty rose gold glow EVER! The colour payoff is amazing but you can really make it wearable by blending it out a bit. If you are like me and want a full on glow that even marsians can see from their planet, pat it on with your bare finger and blend around the edges.

The colour is kind of more on the warm side, but even I can rock this one with my white as snow pale face :3 I combine it with a cooler bronzer and it looks super glowy and healthy without having to get a tan!

On the shots above I wore this gorgeous highlight on the cheekbones, nose and some on the temples.

I know it originally is limited edtion, but if even I can still order it in the Netherlands, you will definitely find it yourself online aswell! I got this beauty for about €30.- without shipping from Douglas.

x femketje

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8 thoughts on “MAC Extra Dimension Skin Finish – Beaming Blush.”

  1. Ik heb deze een tijdje geleden als cadeautje voor mezelf gekocht, en whaaauw! Ik ben er super blij mee, vind ‘m ook erg mooi. Overigens de enige high end highlighter die ik heb, maar lijkt me een mooie hoeveelheid product dat wel effe zal meegaan 😍. So pretty!

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