The Cutest & Easiest Hairdo Ever!

I just can’t get over this cute and super easy hairdo! Since it is so simple and actually anyone with longer hair can rock this look, I wanted to share with you how easy and fast it is to make.

I started with brushing my hair and parting it in two. It doesn’t have to be super neatly parted, I just ran my finger through my hair and felt like it was good enough. You could make it even more cute by zigzagging your parts across the head, but a straight line or just a little more natural parting is okay too.

Since I have really thin hair I added two strands of natural blonde hairextensions to make my two top buns a little bigger and more full. Just make 2 buns on the higher side/top of the head (you can put them as high and on top of the head as you’d like) and pin them down on the sides. I used about 4 pins per bun because I don’t have super thick or heavy hair.

For a super cute effect, pull the buns a bit so they are not as tight and look nice and fluffy. Just like they are cute animal ears :3 The last step I added was pinning in 2 pink bows underneath the buns. This way the hairdo has its fullest cuteness potential and you also look nice from the back ;)

x femketje

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