Look – Dollface.

A little while ago I wore this look on a sunday… and everyone seemed to LOVE IT! Even the guy where I went to pick up some delish dinner told me he loved the doll look on me… If you have blue-ish eyes yourself, try out some warmer coppery or red colours. They really make your eyes pop!

For this look I used some of my fave products, which you can actually watch in this video! I used an Essence base and liquid liner. The NYX brow pomade in blonde, the MAC beaming blush highlighter, some Essence setting powder and Catrice concealer, the Too Faced sweet peach palette and ofcourse the Urban Decay After Dark palette. As mascara I combined two separate ones, one from Essence and another one from Emani cosmetics. For bronzer I think I used a HEMA one which I have owned for years and years now and isn’t available anymore. And for the lips I used a cute Essence matte liquid lipstick.

For the cute hairstyle: I will post another article about that soon <3
Have a good one!

x femketje

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