❄️Winter Nailart Week 2019 #7 – Rose Gold Bling❄️

Just like last year I wanted to do something special during the holiday season so I came up with Winter Nailart Week. In this week I will be uploading 7 days in a row, sharing wintery and xmas proof nailart designs with regular nailpolish and gelpolish. This 7th and last winter design is a rose gold bling design made with reguar polishes on natural nails. I used some gorgeous rose gold foil, a gold glitter polish on top of a rose gold metallic polish, some metal studs and just my imagination while creating it :) I hope you all have a lovely christmas and a happy new year on forehand!

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🐄 Cow Print Nail Design (World Animal Day).

I love cows so much, they’re just adorable and since I still needed to do a world animal day design, why not make a cow print one :3 It’s super easy to DIY and you don’t need any magic ninja nail art skills to recreate this. Let me know what you think of this design in the comments down below!

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🌵Succulent & Cactus Nail Design💅

In my previous video I already wore this green and pink succulent/cactus design I made a little earlier :) You really wanted me to share this design so here it is! I used mostly Catrice nail polishes and a ton of waterdecals.

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✨Rose Gold Chrome Kitty Paws Nailart (Madam Glam Gelpolish)💅

Last week I tried out Madam Glam’s new nail powders and really fell in love with the rose gold chrome one named Flamenko. I combined it with Sakura (a lovely pink/lilac colour) and some cute kitty paw print waterdecals I got from aliexpress a little while ago.

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✨Nude Rose Gold Wedding Nails 💅

Time for a new nailpolish nailart design on my natural nails. I really wanted to use drugstore brands that are in stored right now, and add some cute gems, studs and pearls. This design is perfect for weddings or whenever you feel like wearing it ;)

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