NYX Professional Makeup FACE Awards NL 2018 Entry – The Beauty Of Life & Death.

The Dutch NYX face awards are back and ofcourse I wanted to enter again! 3rd time is a charm right ;) I am so curious to see all the other looks and even more curious if I will make it to the top 20 this year!

I used face paint and a ton of different bright coloured eyeshadows. Also I added some card board butterflies and 2 flower crowns to tie it all together.

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My Must Have Halloween Makeup Products!

To me Halloween is one of my favourite moments of the year. I already start thinking of new looks to make when it is just august! In this post I wanted to share a few makeup items which are must haves to me when creating Halloween looks. Whether they are difficult or super easy to do, these items really work out for me every single time!

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Look – Skeleton Babe – Halloween.

Halloween season is getting closer and I LOVE IT :D

For today I wanted to share my first ever half body skull I made without practicing it on forehand. To make this look you could easily use regular makeup but a black and white facepaint work way faster. For the skeleton side I only used Eulenspiegel facepaints and a black liquid liner with some mascara from Essence cosmetics to top it off. For the “babe” side I wanted to create a wearable but smoking hot marilyn monroe-ish look with dark red lips (Catrice), fluttery false lashes (aliexpress) and a killer liquid liner (Essence). For the rest of the face I used an Essence concealer and setting powder, some HEMA bronzer and MAC highlighter.

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Look – Easter Bunny.

I decided to do a last minute easter bunny look last night. I recorded it in about an hour, but the editing part took me all night long and even this morning I was still struggling with it. For some reason my computer messed up the files so I had to re-edit them over and over and over….

But finally it worked out so here it is: My simple but super cute (half) easter bunny look! On my IG I will add some other shots of the look aswell :) Enjoy <3

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