My Must Have Halloween Makeup Products!

To me Halloween is one of my favourite moments of the year. I already start thinking of new looks to make when it is just august! In this post I wanted to share a few makeup items which are must haves to me when creating Halloween looks. Whether they are difficult or super easy to do, these items really work out for me every single time!

First of all I live for the NYX glitter primer. Not only this Halloween time of the year, but all year round. It works super well for fine glitters but also for somewhat chunky glitter or even rhinestones. It is skin safe and you can also use it perfectly on the eyelids and lips. Next to that I do have to mention some glitters and studs. I always buy mine online via Aliexpress, I do have some great sellers in my personal list so if you would like to know these I will share them in another blogpost.

Liquid liner is your best friend when you don’t have any face or body paints. Especially Essence and NYX come out with great liquid liners that are sooo black it works perfectly to not only line the lids but also create cuts or shadows. But if you do have the chance to get your hands onto some face paints I really recommend the ones from Eulenspiegel. They are not that expensive and are super opaque without clogging your pores. Even on my acne prone skin I didn’t experience any skin issues later on :)

Apart from all of these products, black, grey and brown eyeshadows are your best friends to create some awesome shading. But do try out other daily makeup items to make a “killer” look ;) Red liquid lipstick work really great as fake blood and fake nail tips are awesome to cut into sharp teeth!

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