Review & Swatches – 4X Catrice Nailpolish.

I am skipping an intro right away because it is finally time for me to review 4 of the newest Catrice cosmetics nailpolishes!

This first polish is called 38 Honeymoon Is Coming Soon and is a gorgeous beige nude which was perfectly opaque in just 2 thin layers. I really love nude polishes like this to swich in between bold and bright colours in my nail art. And it is sooooo damn wearable for about any occasion you can think of. This one is a 5 out of 5 hearts for me!

This pretty autumn colour is called 10 Rosywood Hills. This one was also perfectly even and opaque in just 2 thin layers. I really like how the formula of this one is because it applies so smoothly to the nails and dries up decently fast. It is a somewhat warmer brown tone which in my opinion looks good on everyone.

This polish is called 27 Coral Floral but to me looks more of a bright orangy toned red than a true coral colour. Apart from that it really is a stunning bright one! This one needed 2 coats aswell and also applied super smooth. Do make sure to use a decent amount of basecoat to protect your natural nails from staining when you wear this polish.

The last one of this review post is a really classic red one, but the name is again a little off in my opinion. 01 All Pinklusive makes you guess that the polish must be pretty pink, but it really is not at all. It is a blue undertoned red, super classic and can be worn by lots of different ages and skintones. Again, use a good basecoat as protection.

All 4 polishes cost €2,99 each and contain 10,5ml per bottle. They claim to last up to about 7 days and I have to say that even without a topcoat, they did really last me about 6 to 7 days. I can’t even imagine how long they would last on my nails when I would’ve added a topcoat!

The polishes apply really nicely and you can even pull the big cap off if that doesn’t work well for you. The red colours do tend to stain so make sure to use a good amount of basecoat. It also helps to keep the polish last longer and make it less quick chipped at the tips.

As you can tell my nails get a little longer with each swatch photo, that is because I did actually wear them all at least 6/7 days :)

x femketje

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