Look – Pennywise – Halloween.

I just couldn’t stay away from my face paints when I thought of making this IT/Pennywise clown look. Since everyone is hyping about this new IT movie, I had to make my own inspired look :)

For this look I used white and red facepaint all over the face and neck, and some black for the brows and bold liner. You could easily make this look with a super light foundation and red shadows and liquid lipstick if you don’t own any face or body paint. I also added a load of red glitter to the lips and the red lines on the face with some NYX glitterprimer, aswell as underneath the eyes. Always be careful with glitter around the eye area and make sure your glitters are cosmetic and skin safe!

I had so much fun creating this look and I hope you guys like it as much as I do :D

x femketje

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4 thoughts on “Look – Pennywise – Halloween.”

  1. Zelf heb ik een enorme hekel aan mensen die verkleed zijn, of geschminkt. Ik ben er oprecht super bang voor en ik ren dan ook altijd weg, of ga huilen. Super gênant. Maar ik kan zeggen; deze is goed gelukt, hier zou ik ook van wegrennen. Zoooo mooi!!!

  2. Wauw, echt goed gelukt! Als ik je op deze manier zou tegenkomen, zou ik hard wegrennen. Want ik ben echt bang van clowns :P

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