I Heart Revolution Aristocats Makeup Collection 🐾

Hi lovelies! In today’s new video I am sharing a super fun and cute makeup collection by the brand Revolution (or is it Revolution Makeup… I heart Revolution?…) and will be swatching the eyeshadow palette as well as the 3 gorgeous highlighters. The packaging is just so adorable and I always have a weak spot for anything cat related, plus they were very affordable!

I have asked you in a poll here at youtube as well as on IG if you’d like me to share some makeup swatches every now and then, so that’s what I will be doing every 4 to 8 weeks in an extra weekend video. This way you can relax a bit while watching these swatch videos and enjoying music at the same time.

Also, excuse my rambly-ness in the intro, I had recorded it after a very long hectic day at work and my mind was all over the place, just brainfarting around, lol! I decided to keep the intro the way it is, since I like to keep it as real as possible here on my channel. We’re all human and stumble upon words sometimes :)

Let me know what you think of this collection and if you have gotten some items of it yourself as well in the comment section down below.

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Emptying My To Review Makeup Drawer (First Impressions & Swatches).

The bottom drawer of my computer desk has always been my “still to review” drawer. But since the other 3 drawers are filled to the top with nailsupplies, I really need the extra space in the 4th one. So it was time for me to emtpy all of the nailpolish and makeup items and store them properly in my stash. It is a LOOOOONG video, so grab some tea and cookies and enjoy the swatch-fest!

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Makeup Revolution My Sign Eye Wheel – Libra.

This cute eye wheel I got in a mystery bag from boozyshop when I ordered some beauty stuff on black friday last november. It was such a coincedence that it actually is my sign Libra! I really wanted to do a quick review of this products since it is on sale as we speak for about €4 to €5, instead of the normal price around €7 to €8.

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Look – Easter Bunny.

I decided to do a last minute easter bunny look last night. I recorded it in about an hour, but the editing part took me all night long and even this morning I was still struggling with it. For some reason my computer messed up the files so I had to re-edit them over and over and over….

But finally it worked out so here it is: My simple but super cute (half) easter bunny look! On my IG I will add some other shots of the look aswell :) Enjoy <3

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