My Two Favourite MAC Cosmetics Highlighters.

There are always certain products you keep on using in daily life because you love them so damn much. I have that same thing happening here with two of my MAC highlighters. And not just any ordinary highlighter, no, these are two of the Extra Dimension Skinfinishes in the colours Beaming Blush and Show Gold.

For some reason I just keep on using these in almost all of my make-up looks for the blog but also in daily life when I have some time to do my makeup or actually put some effort in it.

I do have to confess that Beaming Blush (the one on the left on both shots) is beaten up just a little bit more since I use it a lot more often, but Show Gold is such an unique colour with the pinky glow on top of the soft gold base colour in this highlighter. Show Gold is actually the highlighter I got from my husband in New York on Valentine’s Day, Beaming Blush I bought myself because well, just look at it, it’s stunningly gorgeous.

I just can’t help myself: I am an addict when it comes to these highlighters…

x femketje

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4 thoughts on “My Two Favourite MAC Cosmetics Highlighters.”

  1. So prettyyy! Dankzij jouw artikels heb ik zelf ook Beaming Blush aangeschaft en ik hou er echt van! Heel leuke highlighter voor zowel everyday als de iets meer glam momenten. Nu wil ik show gold ook graag natuurlijk!😄

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