Morphe 35R – Ready, Set, Gold!

Before this year ended I really wanted to scrap some things off of my “to get” list. One of those things was buying myself one (or two) of these super instafamous Morphe (or is it Morphe Brushes?) palettes. Since I actually was in a no buy period, I wasn’t supposed to use all the good Black Friday discounts. But I couldn’t resist it anyways and got this 35R Ready, Set, Gold! palette for about 28 euros.

I already had super high expectations but when I swatched just a few of the colours I was blown away. Jumping up and down, squeeking like a little girl and being way too excited for yet another eyeshadow palette. I am so happy I ordered this one and am going to add it to my stash, just look at that pigment! I only applied one swipe (with a clean finger and without primer underneath) and this was the gorgeous colour payoff.

The palette contains 35 brown and gold like tones, some are matte and some are super shimmery and metallic like but with awesome pigmentation. I already made one look with this palette, but I can’t wait to make more, especially with those royal gold tones. The pigment is awesome and the eyeshadows are super soft to the skin and blend lovely without really putting much work into it.

I am one happy camper if I say so myself :D

x femketje

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