Essence Cosmetics Spring/Summer 2019 Collection ✨

Yesterday I got this awesome PR package in with some products from the new Essence Cosmetics spring summer 2019 collection, and today I am unboxing and swatching a few of them :) I also got the PR package from the new 2019 collection by Catrice Cosmetics, but that will be uploaded later!

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Essence Correct To Perfect CC Concealer Palette.

When it comes to concealers I tend to avoid the super bright and colourful ones. This is because mostly they are super creamy and on my semi oily skin they don’t stay put well. But since I got this nice 4 colour wheel palette in a PR box, I was like why not try it out anyways and maybe,… Just maybe I will like it :3

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Pokémon Makeup?!

If you’ve been following me for a while you might know that I am a big Pokémon fan. Next to that I love makeup, and what is better than those two combined into one awesome Pokémon makeup collection by the brand Cathy Doll :)

All of these items I bought myself when I was in Thailand back in october. There is one foundation/cc cream, one eyeliner and three blushes I’m sharing in this post.

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Best Of Beauty 2016.

Omdat het nieuwe jaar alweer begonnen is leek het me leuk om mijn best of beauty 2016 lijstje online te gooien. Een artikel waarin ik mijn soort van beauty favorieten welke ik dit jaar heb (her)ontdekt met jullie deel. Here we go!

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