Essence Correct To Perfect CC Concealer Palette.

When it comes to concealers I tend to avoid the super bright and colourful ones. This is because mostly they are super creamy and on my semi oily skin they don’t stay put well. But since I got this nice 4 colour wheel palette in a PR box, I was like why not try it out anyways and maybe,… Just maybe I will like it :3

The palette itself actually looks really neat and relatable to Essence Cosmetics. I love seeing brands sticking to it’s own looks, not stealing ideas from other brands. It is sturdy and the pans have a decent amount of product. Each colour is for a specific discoloration on the skin, so the yellow is to block blue undereyes, the green corrects redness, the orange blocks dark patches and the lavender just freshens up the skintone. I actually like the lavender and yellow because they really did their job in an awesome way. The other two were just a little too much for my skin, I felt like my regular foundation couldn’t cover up the bright green and orange so I took those off.

The cc concealer is really creamy and thick, so it does cover up really nicely. I think it will stay put perfectly on a more dryer skintype. It did stay put perfectly underneat the eyes, but on the chin and my more oily zones it wore off within a few hours (and just looked patchy underneath my foundation).

So, eventhough I was really sceptical because it is a creamy texture, I actually do like it (or at least half of the colours on my not so oily skin areas). The pigmentation is bomb dot com so this is a good SCORE!

This palette costs €3,59 so it is also really affordable. I would definitely recommend it if you are more on the dryer type of skin. It does cover up a lot and blends lovely into the skin. Maybe with a good primer underneath it wouldn’t wear off that fast on me, so if you have the same skin struggles as I do, that might give you a little helping priming hand ;)

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