Essence Fresh & Fit Awake Primer.

A little while ago I got some awesome Essence Cosmetics product PR packages in which was also this new primer. So I tried it out to see if it really does work the way it promisses to :)

You can actually use this primer by itself or use it underneath a foundation. I did try out both and I did like it both ways. It gives a slight glow to the skin, not that much but I did notice it when I wore this primer alone. What I did see way better was that it made my pores look smaller, so that’s a plus if you wear this on it’s own. As a foundation primer it did work well. It gave a nice smooth finish but still the foundation was able to cling onto it and lasted about 2 hours longer than usual.

The primer is not too thick and actually still made my skin feel like it could breathe. It didn’t leave a super sticky layer so that’s a good thing in my opinion. All of this said: I actually really like this primer. It didn’t give me any breakouts and didn’t make my skin feel or look weird either. Me likey!

This primer contains 30ml and costs €3,59 a tube.

x femketje

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