Essence Super Last Eyeliner – Deep Black.

You guys know I like me some good eyeliner. I use it in a lot of looks or just on a daily basis when I feel like wearing a little makeup. So when I received this new Essence liner I was pretty stoked. Not just because it was in a PR package but because I really love Essence’s liquid liners and have loved them from the start of the brand itself about 15 years ago. Yes, I am that old…… :’)

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Pokémon Makeup?!

If you’ve been following me for a while you might know that I am a big Pokémon fan. Next to that I love makeup, and what is better than those two combined into one awesome Pokémon makeup collection by the brand Cathy Doll :)

All of these items I bought myself when I was in Thailand back in october. There is one foundation/cc cream, one eyeliner and three blushes I’m sharing in this post.

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Essence – Super Precise Eyeliner.

You guys know that I can appreciate a good liquid liner. Especially when it is longwearing and it applies smoothly! So I recently ran out of my go to liner, which is also an essence one. And I was like, well let’s try this one out and see if it is any good. And boy I was surprised! I LOVE this one. Curious to see why I like it that much, simply continue reading ;)

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Essence – 2 in 1 Eyeshadow & Liner.

DSC_2909Soms vergeet je bijna dat je nog een stapeltje foto’s hebt klaar staan voor een review artikel. Dat was ook zo met de foto’s van deze post over 2 mooie Essence 2 in 1 eyeshadow & liner pencils. Vandaag review ik er 2, namelijk de kleuren 03 Light Me Up en 06 She’s Got The Mauve.

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5X E.L.F. Studio Producten! :D

Ik ontving eind vorige week een geweldig leuk pakketje met 5 ELF producten uit de studio lijn welke ik zelf mocht uitkiezen. Ik heb met alle 5 de producten een look gemaakt en geschoten, deze komt later online. Vandaag eerst het grote review artikel waarin ik alle 5 de producten in 1 keer bespreek! Er wordt van alles en nog wat besproken dus lees snel verder ;)


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