Essence Super Last Eyeliner – Deep Black.

You guys know I like me some good eyeliner. I use it in a lot of looks or just on a daily basis when I feel like wearing a little makeup. So when I received this new Essence liner I was pretty stoked. Not just because it was in a PR package but because I really love Essence’s liquid liners and have loved them from the start of the brand itself about 15 years ago. Yes, I am that old…… :’)

This liquid liner promised to last up to at least 18 hours, be a super deep black colour that keeps a little shine, and it has a somewhat thicker felt tip applicator which has a slight pointy end. Normally I tend to use the real brush hair applicators just a bit more, because I feel like I can’t make a super sharp line with felt tip applicatorlike this one. But I was super surprised when I could actually make the sharpest winged liner ever with this liquid liner. It is all in the amount of pressure you apply to the applicator how thick or thin and sharp your line will be.I used this liner for the first two times in this essence mermaid look but also in a super wearable double liner look. And it applied like a dream. Super black and super easy ;)

All I can say is that I am a fan of this Essence liquid liner. It actually does wat it says it would do and eventhough it isn’t a waterproof formula, it stays on for life. This liquid liner costs about 2,59 euros which makes it super affordable too!

x femketje

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