Morphe 35P – Plum.

You guys must have been expecting this review since last week I made a lovely little look with my new Morphe 35P (Plum) palette. I also ordered another Morphe palette aside of this one, check that out aswell if you are curious about the 35R (ready set gold) palette. For now, let’s just jump into this review article!

The colours really are BOMB dot com when you see this pigmentation. I swatched them with just my finger and without primer or another type of base underneath. One little swipe and that’s all. I didn’t want to swatch them all, so I just picked out a few I was really curious about in the first place.

The shadows feel super soft and contain a shitload of pigment. Do be carefull and try to prevent fallout, pat the colours on at first and blend the edges afterwards. That way you don’t get covered in pigment all over your face and clothes and you keep that gorgeous colour intact much better. I actually already used this palette for a look as I mentioned earlier. All the colours I used are super pretty and easy to work with. This eye look took me about 8 to 10 minuted to create, and that is including the liquid liner and mascara.

The palette contains 35 colours and I bought it for about 24 to 25 euros. Which make these single colours less than 1 euro each. Super good deal if you ask me and now I am even more curious about all the other Morphe palettes. Such a shame they are sold out most of the time here at Dutch online stores, because I really feel like I want at least 2 more palettes with a wider range of colours.

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