Essence – Super Precise Eyeliner.

You guys know that I can appreciate a good liquid liner. Especially when it is longwearing and it applies smoothly! So I recently ran out of my go to liner, which is also an essence one. And I was like, well let’s try this one out and see if it is any good. And boy I was surprised! I LOVE this one. Curious to see why I like it that much, simply continue reading ;)

First of all this is one deep black liner. Super opaque and the brush is super thin and flexible. I can make the most sharp winged liners with this bad boy without any affort. I also really like how the applicator/handle lays in my hand while using it. The cap is nice and long so you can really get a good and sturdy grip on it. And since I am kind of a shaky and trembling hand person, it works out pretty well without messing up my straight lines because of the shaking of my hands.

On the shots above I used the liner next to some other products. It works like a dream. Even if you are into face paint and all that jazz, and you can’t afford or have black face paint, this liner will also work for you! Next to that this liner is pretty budgetproof (€2,89) and is easy to get by.

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  1. Deze gebruik ik ook al een hele poos! Echt fijn is ie inderdaad! Ik heb maar weinig ooglid, met deze kan ik een heel dun lijntje zetten!

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