Get To Know Femketje – September 2017.

Hi guys and dolls! Since september is over already, it was about time to share a new GTKF post and talk about some random stuff that’s going on in my life.

This last month has been kinda stressfull to me since there was a lot of stuff going on at work and everyone was kind of going crazy XD But good news is that after my first contract which actually ends today, I already signed a new contract for another year at the same company :) Still, I am super happy that I did leave my old permanent job and started somewhere new last february.

I am sooooo looking forward to October, it really is my month! On the 6th it is my 27th birthday (and my brothers’ 37th birthday), Halloween is right around the corner aswell and my blog will have it’s 7th year anniversary! Do keep in touch with my blog, snapchat, youtube and instagram because there will be a few giveaways soon to come.

For now I have weekend after I am done working ’till 16.00, and I am going to try and make a few new Halloween looks (or more wearable ones because not everyone is into the scary Halloween stuff and I do feel like making some pretty autumn inspired looks and nailart).

x femketje

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