❄️Winter Nailart Week 2019 #5 – Pink Winter Mix & Match❄️

Just like last year I wanted to do something special during the holiday season so I came up with Winter Nailart Week. In this week I will be uploading 7 days in a row, sharing wintery and xmas proof nailart designs with regular nailpolish and gelpolish. This 5th winter design is a super cute pink mix and match design made with reguar polishes on natural nails. I used a Nicole Diary stamping plate and white stamping polish, a snowman waterdecal, ab crystals and a couple of pink toned nail polishes. De waterdecals are from aliexpress, you can find tons of cute ones out there. The loose glitter I used for the sugar nail is from The Nail Team and the ab crystals I got from aliexpress too.

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Mermaid Inspired Nailart (Regular Nailpolish).

I have been wearing this nailart for almost a full week! I actually didn’t want to take it off within the first week, but since I had to make a new design I simply had no choice ^^’ And a little nail care and pampering is always a good thing to do in between manicures.

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Tutorial – White & Orange Glitter Nail Design.

Lately I have been loving doing my nails. And since there are a lot of you asking me to make nail tutorials, here you go ;) I think I am going to make lots more of these kind of nail design tutorials so stay tuned if you would like to see how I create my original nail designs!

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Nails – Bright White & Neon Orange (Sugar Nails!).

Another bright AF nail design for this week! This time I made a bright white and neon orange glitter nail design which kind of reminds me of those sand/structure polishes which were totally hyped a few years ago. I actually found out about a new thing called sugar nails, which is pretty much the same as these liquid sand nails.. Ah well, let’s just give it a new name and have some fun with it ;)

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