Nails – Bright White & Neon Orange (Sugar Nails!).

Another bright AF nail design for this week! This time I made a bright white and neon orange glitter nail design which kind of reminds me of those sand/structure polishes which were totally hyped a few years ago. I actually found out about a new thing called sugar nails, which is pretty much the same as these liquid sand nails.. Ah well, let’s just give it a new name and have some fun with it ;)

I used some nail/cosmetic glitters, a few neon orange studs and a load of topcoat to secure it all onto the white and bright neon polishes. I also really liked how the shots of this nail art came out, the camera still kind of struggled with the brightness of them, but I know how to set up my lighting gear for these bright nail arts now :)

x femketje

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