Neon Camouflage Print & Negative Space Nailart.

I have asked you guys on my instagram what colours I should use for my next tutorial, aswell as the finish and if I should add glitters. And you kept it pretty exciting untill the last couple of minutes because it was a neck on neck race between all three questions!

But eventually the colour option pink, purple and orange won with just 2% more than the blue, green and yellow colour combination. It also had to be glossy and you wanted me to add glitters instead of nail foil. So here is the design I came up with, a bright AF neon camo print design and negative space nails with some holo striping tape and glitter :)

Again I couldn’t resist taking multiple shots of this design. It is just so pretty and summery bright. I can’t help it, I just love neon on my nails this time of year!

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x femketje

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