The Perfect Mother’s Day Gift!

It is almost Mother’s Day and if you are like me and not living that close to your mom, it is nice to spoil them just a little bit extra on a day like this. I teamed up with Lucardi to pick out an awesome set of a watch and two silver bracelets to give you some Mother’s Day gift inspiration!

Usually I love buying gifts for my parents, especially my mom. And it is always super easy for me to get her something. Afterall, she is my mom and we do have similar taste in lots of things. I always go for a perfume or some nice shower creams etc., but this time I wanted to check out some nice jewelry instead. I know my mom doesn’t wear much jewelry, and to be honest I have only seen her wearing a watch for about 5 times in my life. So it is about time to switch it up a bit and look for a nice but most of all wearable watch she can easily combine with lots of outfits.

My mom and I are both “less is more” kinda gals when it comes to jewelry and watches, so this silver and rodium plated set is perfect! This set actually comes in more colours such as a black-, rosegold- and goldplated. The set contains a nice sleek watch, a delicate woven silver bracelet and a dangly silver slave bracelet. The sizes of the watch band and the bracelets is great! I tried it on myself and it fits nicely. I do have really tiny wrists and so does my mom, so it is nice to know that it won’t be too big.

This set normally goes for 119,99 euros, but is in sale at the moment for just 59,99 euros. Do check out all of the other gift sets if you are looking for just a little more inspiration and gift ideas!

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