My New Favourite Seat In The House – Terapy Elly Beanbag.

I used to work in a furniture store a couple of years ago and learned to appreciate good furniture such as comfy chairs, beautiful teak tables and leather sofas. A couple of weeks ago I got an awesome email from a beanbag company called Terapy, which sells stylish beanbags with cool colours aswell as prints and they asked me if I wanted to try one of their Elly beanbags out.

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Easy DIY Baking & Decorating Cupcakes!

Anyone who has been following me since I started blogging (almost 8 years ago already), knows that I am not a big fan of cooking. But baking I actually do like to do when I have a bit of spare time. I’m a true foodie and always in for a good batch of cookies or cupcakes. So a couple of weeks ago I was asked to try out some stuff from the Dutch webshop called . My parents in law actually are really good bakers and cake decorators so I teamed up with them to make some awesome cupcakes :D

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Father’s Day 2018 Gift Guide!

image: Jelleke Vanooteghem

Since this weekend it is Father’s Day here in The Netherlands, it is about time to figure out already what to get our dads this year. As usual I am pretty much late with getting my dad something, and because this weekend it is my husband’s birthday too, I totally forgot to get my dad something. He already is a tough one to get presents for as it is. He prefers us ‘kids’ to just be at our parents’ place on days like that instead of bringing gifts. But since I am already looking for guy presents, hence the husband’s birthday, I really wanted to share some of my picks with you for some extra inspiration.

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Why I Don’t Want To Be A Control Freak Anymore.

I felt like I needed to write this short kind of column-like article. At the moment I am pretty much drained from all of my energy due to the last couple of weeks. As you might have read before, I had a week off of work because It had been 5 months since I had some time off. But it turned out to be the most stressful week ever. I call it the shit-show-week because that is the only thing I can think off. Not to be super negative or anything, but it was a full on crappy week :’)

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Look – New Glasses!

It was about time I made this blogpost!

I have had my new glasses for about a week now and I LOVE THEM! The purply/pink/tan frame just screamed my name when I saw it for the first time and the girls at Hans Anders really helped me super well as usual :3

(For your information: This post is not sponsored in any way. I actually paid for all of my glasses myself ever since I needed them at the age of 15/16.)

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