Easy DIY Baking & Decorating Cupcakes!

Anyone who has been following me since I started blogging (almost 8 years ago already), knows that I am not a big fan of cooking. But baking I actually do like to do when I have a bit of spare time. I’m a true foodie and always in for a good batch of cookies or cupcakes. So a couple of weeks ago I was asked to try out some stuff from the Dutch webshop called DeLeuksteTaartenShop.nl . My parents in law actually are really good bakers and cake decorators so I teamed up with them to make some awesome cupcakes :D

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Father’s Day 2018 Gift Guide!

image: Jelleke Vanooteghem

Since this weekend it is Father’s Day here in The Netherlands, it is about time to figure out already what to get our dads this year. As usual I am pretty much late with getting my dad something, and because this weekend it is my husband’s birthday too, I totally forgot to get my dad something. He already is a tough one to get presents for as it is. He prefers us ‘kids’ to just be at our parents’ place on days like that instead of bringing gifts. But since I am already looking for guy presents, hence the husband’s birthday, I really wanted to share some of my picks with you for some extra inspiration.

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Why I Don’t Want To Be A Control Freak Anymore.

I felt like I needed to write this short kind of column-like article. At the moment I am pretty much drained from all of my energy due to the last couple of weeks. As you might have read before, I had a week off of work because It had been 5 months since I had some time off. But it turned out to be the most stressful week ever. I call it the shit-show-week because that is the only thing I can think off. Not to be super negative or anything, but it was a full on crappy week :’)

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Look – New Glasses!

It was about time I made this blogpost!

I have had my new glasses for about a week now and I LOVE THEM! The purply/pink/tan frame just screamed my name when I saw it for the first time and the girls at Hans Anders really helped me super well as usual :3

(For your information: This post is not sponsored in any way. I actually paid for all of my glasses myself ever since I needed them at the age of 15/16.)

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New Blog Schedule!

Hi my lovelies!

You might have noticed that this week and last week I didn’t have a blogpost ready every single day of the week. That is because I am switching up my blogging schedule just a tiny bit. Since I still work 5 days a week at my regular job, it can get pretty busy having to blog every single day of the week, prepping posts in my weekends, making videos, uploading stuff to instagram and youtube and so on.

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