New Blog Schedule!

Hi my lovelies!

You might have noticed that this week and last week I didn’t have a blogpost ready every single day of the week. That is because I am switching up my blogging schedule just a tiny bit. Since I still work 5 days a week at my regular job, it can get pretty busy having to blog every single day of the week, prepping posts in my weekends, making videos, uploading stuff to instagram and youtube and so on.

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My Favourite Beauty (Online)Stores.

Hi lovelies!

In this post on a blue monday I wanted to share some of my favourite beauty and makeup stores online but also in the malls and regular stores.

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Why I Love Valentine’s Day.

This things I love about Valentine’s day post actually wasn’t planned at all. But I accidentaly deleted all of my photos from a makeup look I made earlier this weekend so I had to come up with a backup plan for today’s blogpost. I know not everybody loves this Valentine’s Day-season, but I actually do eventhough we never really celebrate it that big.

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