My New Favourite Seat In The House – Terapy Elly Beanbag.

I used to work in a furniture store a couple of years ago and learned to appreciate good furniture such as comfy chairs, beautiful teak tables and leather sofas. A couple of weeks ago I got an awesome email from a beanbag company called Terapy, which sells stylish beanbags with cool colours aswell as prints and they asked me if I wanted to try one of their Elly beanbags out.

It was super easy for me to pick one of my liking because my interior is pretty clean and simple (almost everything is white to offwhite and the rest of the furniture is dark grey or glass) so I could go crazy with a print! I could’ve gone for a black beanbag, but since we have a bit of an eastern vibe going on with teak buddhas and such, I chose the Elly bag in the “chaotic bastards” print. It is off white with a gunmetal grey print and suits my interior perfectly.

The beanbag can be used in a couple of different ways, but I prefer it in the “teardrop” shape and use it as a regular chair which gives great support to your back. Elly has a super stretchy cotton cover which can be switched to e.g. an other colour or print. It also feels stirdy but soft and comfy at the same time, perfect for when you want to chill out a bit but still need some firm support in your lower back. Especially after a long day of work or in the weekends, I like to relax and have some me time reading a book or magazine. But sometimes you don’t want to crash into the couch like usual, so I made myself a cute little corner where I placed Elly. My cats really do enjoy sleeping on it too, since it is so soft and comfy.

Lastly I just wanted to share this video, I really love the style Terapy as a brand has, it is just so cute and fun!

The Elly beanbag is comfy and stylish enough for any interior and easy to order online. The one colour bags are €129,- and the ones with print go for €159.- each.

x femketje

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