Catrice Cosmetics #PeelOff Glam Collection

You guys know me, I love my glitter and nailpolishes. So whenever there is a collection with both in it, I MUST get it and try it out. I already got the pink and gold on in my previous Catrice Cosmetics PR box, but bought the other 6 shades myself :)

If you are curious to see how they look and what my opinion is about them, grab some tea and cookies and keep on watching!

x femketje

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4 thoughts on “Catrice Cosmetics #PeelOff Glam Collection”

  1. Wauw ik vind het echt zulke mooie lakjes! En wat handig dat je het er gewoon zo makkelijk vanaf kunt halen want dat vind ik altijd zo’n ramp met glitterlakjes.

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