Classic French Gelpolish Manicure With My Non Dominant Hand.

When it comes to gelpolishes I am stil faily new to it. But when I got this awesome french mani kit from Pink Gellac I just had to use it and try it out! Since my right hand (dominant hand) is bombarded as my “gelpolish hand” I had to do a french mani with gelpolishes with my left, non dominant hand. I have to say that I am pretty proud of myself because it did turn our decent for a first time trying out making a french manicure with gels on my dominant hand :)

Curious to see how I did it? Keep on watching <3

x femketje

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4 thoughts on “Classic French Gelpolish Manicure With My Non Dominant Hand.”

  1. Wat knap dat je dit gewoon met jouw niet dominante hand doet, zo ver ben ik echt nog lang niet. Het eindresultaat is mooi geworden, netjes ook!

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