❄️ Winter Nailart Week #6 – Monochrome Snowflakes Gelpolish ❄️

This year I wanted to do something special during the holiday season so I came up with Winter Nailart Week. In this week I will be uploading 7 days in a row, sharing wintery and xmas proof nailart designs with regular nailpolish and gelpolish.

The 6th design is a black and white monochrome snowflake design made with different gelpolishes and some lovely gems :)

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Stamped Graveyard Nails (Halloween Design).

I have pre-recorded a couple of videos in my two weeks off back in august/september such as this pretty blue and black stamped graveyard design :)

I really like how it turned out, I am not a big stamper in nailart the last couple of years, but I have used it tons and tons when I just started nailart 15 years ago!

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Cute Grunge Skulls & Roses Nailart (Summery Coral & Black)

How about a nail design without big bling or other stones? :)

I came up with this cute but grungy skulls and roses design because of the glitter nailpolish I used in this video. I just love orange and black together!

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Cute Cat Nailart.

Time for a new nailart design on my freshly shortened nails! Unfortunately I broke a couple of nails while cleaning at home so I just shortened them all to start over with fresh and healthy nails :)

For today I wanted to share this requested stamping and gradient nail design, it is super easy to make yourself and I mostly used easy to get by products.

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